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YES!!! The “Wind Therapy” meets and exceeds all safety requirements set by the United States Coast Guard and Captain Dave is a professional, licensed, safety-conscious mariner, dedicated to your safety.

We leave that option up to you. We provide bottled water onboard, but feel free to bring your own spread or we can arrange it for you! Many options are available to meet your needs.

Coolers, food, picnic baskets, and whatever you need to have fun. The Wind Therapy has a sound system with a nice selection of music but feel free to bring your own favorite CD’s if you’d like. If you’re not sure if it’s OK, don’t hesitate to call.

NO illegal drugs, weapons, pets (well, if you promise to keep the Chihuahua in your purse, we’ll think about it!). Anything that might cause a hazardous situation aboard. Please ~ NO Spray Tanning Products! They will permanently stain the boat. If in doubt, please call!

Yes. Alcohol consumed aboard should be done so in moderation, and responsibly, for your safety at sea.

Yes. There is a private and clean facility (mariners call this a head) aboard for your use.

This depends on the season and the current weather. In most cases use your best judgment. In general, layered clothing is best. When it gets hot you can take the top layers off and if it gets cold, you can put them back on. Also, soft soled shoes are preferred. Tennis shoes, sneakers or walking shoes are perfect for sailing. No high heels, dress shoes or hiking boots. And don’t forget to wear extra sun block, sunglasses and a hat!

We schedule 3 to 5 hour tours. This, however, may vary with prevailing conditions. We are always keeping an eye on the weather. Your tour may be a little longer or a little shorter. It's important for you and your group to arrive on time. Tours can always be modified and Capt. Dave will be happy to work with you to plan a cruise to fit your needs and schedule.

Probably not. Sailing on Barnegat Bay is usually very calm. Although we frequently encounter blustery conditions (which provides a great sailboat ride) very few people ever experience motion sickness. Although everyone is different and, if you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to bring and take non-drowsy medication. Be sure to consult with your doctor for the latest in anti-seasick medications.

Yes, sailboats do heel (that’s the mariners term for tipping or leaning to one side due to the action of wind on the sails). Many people love this aspect of sailing, but some don’t. It is safe and sailboats are designed to heel (with a very heavy and deep keel under the hull to prevent them from heeling too far). If you feel uncomfortable with excessive heeling just let Capt. Dave know. Although we can’t completely eliminate heeling under very windy conditions, it can be controlled while sailing.

While no one can predict exact conditions for a given day, Capt. Dave will give you his best forecast based on his years of experience on Barnegat Bay. We also offer rain checks should the weather turn foul the day of your sailing adventure.

Yes. This is a wonderful experience for kids of any age. All children under 12 are required by the USCG to wear a PFD (life jacket) while onboard. These are available on the Wind Therapy.


No. Cash, checks or VENMO.

Although not necessary, gratuities are always appreciated and a nice way to show that you had a great sail!

  • Deck type shoes or sneakers ( no black soles please) swimsuit if going swimming, towels, a sweater or sweatshirt, a camera.
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses BYOB: Picnic lunch, snacks, dinner. Complimentary water is available.